Brittanie Findlay - PetCare Technician

Brittanie Findlay - PetCare Technician

Brittanie Findlay - PetCare Technician


Brittanie has been working with animals most of her life. Starting from volunteering at groomers, going to school for Veterinary Assistant, to then working here! Brittanie has worked for Chris's Dog Hotel in 2018 and part time in 2019, Brittanie has always had a passion for animals and have many of her own including 4 crazy dogs! Brittanie has said...working here is definitely a dream come true! We want you to know that we always treat your dogs like one of our own!!:)

Shelley Adam - Owner

Brittanie Findlay - PetCare Technician

Brittanie Findlay - PetCare Technician


Shelley wants to be thought of as an extension of your family. She wants you to trust us and know that your dog is safe and loved in our care. Building lasting relationships is what Shelley's business has thrived on for many happy years, that's why Shelley has made it her mission to donate yearly and throughout the year. In addition Shelley and her staff's education, training and experience, everyone at Chris's Dog Hotel No Cages Luxury Pet Resort shares the most important quality of all when it comes to providing the best care and most fun for your best friend - we really LOVE dogs! And that love shows in all they do for your dog during their stay. 

Grace Hawley - PetCare Technician

Brittanie Findlay - PetCare Technician

Grace Hawley - PetCare Technician


Grace is one of our newest pet sitting staff members, Grace is multi talented, she is our Professional Groomer and Pet Care Provider. Grace has extensive experience working with a large group of dogs in daycare and boarding facilities, and her kind nature has had a positive impact with our clients dogs. Grace's love of Dogs shines through in everything she does whether that be Grooming or Pet Care. Grace's ability to Manage a large groups of dogs with grace and poise is an asset on busy days. We are so grateful to have her apart of our family, and all the doggies love her too.

Grace H - Groomer at FuzzyButtz

Grace Hawley - PetCare Technician


Grace H - Groomer at FuzzyButtz

Grace H - Groomer at FuzzyButtz

Grace H - Groomer at FuzzyButtz

Grace has the biggest heart and loves dogs of all breeds. Grace is alway professional and all the while is the most caring, loving groomer we have the pleasure of knowing. Grace comes with experience working for other local Grooming facilities in the Quinte Region. Our groomer will answer any and all questions you may have. Whether it's about your dogs nail trim, the shampoos and products we use, hair cuts, prices etc.

Our Story & More info about our pet sitting services.

Pool Party at Chris's Dog Hotel No Cages Luxury Pet Resort in Belleville

We Are Truly Your Dog's Ideal Choice. and have been for over 24 years, trust the experts!


Let Chris's Dog Hotel No Cages Luxury Pet Resort of Belleville, Trenton help you in your search for all your luxury Pet Sitting, Doggy Daycare and Grooming needs. Serving Belleville, Trenton, Brighton, Picton, Napanee, Frankfort, Tweed, Marmora, Colborne, Stirling, Wellington, Corbyville, Deseronto and Campbellford.

Having operated a successful luxury pet resort business since 1995, we know a lot about what dogs and their owners love. When we began to develop the concept of our own doggy daycare and boarding facility, we kept coming back to 3 core fundamentals that have allowed us to thrive over the years. These are health, family and love!

Health: We all know how important health is in our lives. We believe that good health is just as important in our dog’s lives. At Chris's Dog Hotel No Cages Luxury Pet Resort, your pet will be stimulated both physically and mentally. They will have lots of interaction with other dogs and staff.

Family: We want to be thought of as an extension of your family. Just as if a member of your family were watching your dog, we want you to trust us and know that your dog is safe and loved in our care. Building lasting relationships is what we are all about. 

Love: In addition to our education, training and experience, everyone at Chris's Dog Hotel No Cages Luxury Pet Resort shares the most important quality of all when it comes to providing the best care and most fun for your best friend - we really, really, really LOVE dogs! And that love shows in all we do for your dog during their stay with us.

Because Shelley has a deep bond with her community, she has given back in many ways. Shelley has been donating to the Quinte Humane Society for the past 15 years. Shelley has begun donating to Fixed FurLife Quinsey on an ongoing basis since October 2016. Shelley has been raising non-perishables food items around the Christmas Holidays for the past 15 years as well, in 2018 Shelley was able to raise an outstanding 1050 pounds which went directly to the Quinte West Firefighters in Trenton. Shelley loves her community and believes in doing her part to help in anyway she can

Chris's Dog Hotel No Cages Luxury Pet Resort in Belleville is having a Pool Party with the dogs.

Requirements for Fur Babies staying with us! Serving Belleville, Trenton, Ontario. We Have Believed For Over 24yrs, that your dog deserves a true Luxury Resort vacation too.



The team at Chris's Dog Hotel No Cages Luxury Pet Resort takes pet sitting to a whole other level of pet care. We are the areas original luxury pet resort that has been operating for over 25 years. From Monday to Sunday we are open 7:00 am to 7:00 pm for pick ups and drop offs. We are also open 365 days a year.

We accept all breeds of dogs except the ones listed below due to the type of Pet Resort we have, being a NO CAGE facility and that is my philosophy we have no separate 


We Cannot Take: Pit Bulls as they are not legal in Canada, (full or part). Breeds that are to large for our facility and because I have found over 24 years in the pet industry that these breeds tend not to mix well with all other breed of dogs at all times and can cause the most  bodily damage. King Chows, Bull-mastiff, American Bull Terrier, English Bull Terrier, Blue Blood Bulldog. 


Requirements that must be met to Board/Daycare at Chris's Dog Hotel No Cages Luxury Pet Resort: 

- Your pet must be fixed and be up to date on all shots such as kennel cough and parvo.

- Your pet must have flea and tick treatment year round from a veterinarian only.

- Your pets nails must be trimmed by a Groomer or Vet only.

- Your pet should be groomed on an ongoing basis (every 2 to 3 months by your professional groomer only.

- Your pet must get along well with other dogs, and house trained.

- No bad chewing habits or barking habits.

- Your dog cannot use its teeth to play, and what I mean by that is, using their teeth on another dog's neck/body to pin them down, we do not allow that kind of play in our facility.

- There is a mandatory meet and greet and then we follow that up with a mandatory daysit assessment. If your furball passes, your pup will receive a Certificate of Pass.

- Advanced bookings require a non-refundable deposit.

Items to bring: Pet food or treats in a sealed container, an unbreakable bowl, and medication in a sealed container if it applies. All blankets, beds, toys are provided by the Pet Resort

- For two nights boarding or more, we operate similar to a hotel - if your dog is checked out before 2pm you will not be charged for that day, but if you pick up anytime after 2pm you will be charged a DayCare fee, plus HST.


- From December 20th to January 2nd, it is five days pay for one dog. For two dogs it is three days pay. If dropping off for 1 night on New Year's Eve the cost is $50, and checkout time is 2:00 pm sharp. Plus HST

For more information on doggy daycare or dog boarding, please do not hesitate to contact Chris's Dog Hotel No Cages Luxury Pet Resort




We are proudly Cage Free here at Chris’s Dog Hotel. Because the dogs are together all the time both inside and out. Our Staff is very vigilant with playtime and rest time not getting out of hand. We have a wide variety of breeds here from Yorkie's and Shih-tzu’s to Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds.

Our Staff take a ton of pictures every day both sleeping and action shots and never is there any rough or questionable dog play. We do not edit or crop out questionable play shots because we don’t have to. Our screening process is such that we only accept calm well balanced dogs into our pack. Your fur child be it 5 or 130 lbs will always be monitored when playing/Resting. The below actions of play are never allowed here as the safety of our clients is our most important goal.

Questionable dog play:
Staff are trained to watch closely this behaviour and will intervene if this play escalates.

* Scuffling, if one dog is always being picked on and there is more than one other dog involved, this should be stopped.

* Tug with each other. This is fine, but watch out for body stiffening, growling, intense stares, enlarged pupils and intent. It could be a sign of possessive aggression.

* Stalking, This is a questionable one, some dogs stalk as part of a play sequence but it is often the first stage of a prey sequence or body slam.

*Inappropriate dog Play, Any of the below behaviours are immediately stopped but because of our screening process most of this behaviour is never seen here.

* Biting of the neck or other parts of the body, grabbing.

* Barking at the other dog, especially in their faces. If it appears that the dog is β€œbullying” the other dog into play, then it is best not to let him do this. Puppies often do this. Do not let them, it is dangerous, they could get β€œtold off”

* General over arousal and escalation of play.

* Humping, this is done by both sexes, it does not mean sex, it is often a sign of anxiety, it is not an appropriate way to elicit attention in this way, it is more reflective of a narrow repertoire of behaviours to get attention and it can be self soothing. It is not appropriate for your dog to approach others (particularly unfamiliar dogs) in this way, it is likely to end up in a fight.

* Air snaps. This is a way of the dog signalling intent, wanting to increase distance and it is not an actual bite, this is the next stage of the repertoire if the dog is not listened to. Listen to the dog. Why is the dog doing it? What is the context?

* Standing with his/her head over the other dogs shoulders. This is provocative, confrontational and rude. This is similar to bullying and you should call your dog immediately in this situation before it escalates.

* Body slamming. NO WAY. Not appropriate.

* Putting other dogs on their backs with mouths around the neck of the other dog and holding him to the floor.

* Dogs forming a gang. This is often attributed to them forming a pack. It is more likely to be a form of emotional contagion especially when a group of familiar dogs β€œcrowd” another dog. This is intimidating and should be stopped. Having your dog be balanced and taught appropriate play will make everyone happier.

Story Time with the staff and dogs at Chris's Dog Hotel No Cages Luxury Pet Resort in Belleville.

We Are Only a Woof Away! So Call And Visit Our Doggy PlayGround & WaterPark! You'll Be Rejoicing Over Our Doggy Spa Lounge. Serving Belleville, Trenton Ontario!



Did Someone Say Pool Party? Calling all dogs... Come & play in our exclusive Doggy PlayGround & WaterPark, and we have 5 Pools! We have been established for over 25 years, and our luxury pet resort was built with one thing in mind: LUXURY no cage dog boarding and doggy daycare!

We offer a variety of services including luxury pet sitting, doggy daycare, and we even have an exclusive Doggy Water Park! Our doggy guests get continual love, care, and supervision throughout their stay at Chris's Dog Hotel No Cages Luxury Pet Resort. All of our activities are completely supervised with a well-trained staff to ensure a safe experience for your pet. 


What our Boarding and Doggy Daycare has to offer, No Cages, Staff around the clock 24/7, that means they are never left alone for 1 minute. We have a state-of-the-art Doggy Spa Lounge. With an Oasis like setting with grass and gardens throughout, we like to call our outdoor area the Doggy PlayGround & WaterPark. We are the only Luxury Pet Resort in Trenton/Belleville that has a Doggy WaterPark, plus toys-toys-toys and more toys, we always have news of more exciting things to come. In 2017, we added 4 smaller pools, along with red, blue, yellow tractor tires that the dogs love to climb/run around, we've built a Doggy Platform for even more agility play time, and just recently we added two Doggy Ball Pits and a one-of-a-kind Doggy Tunnel. You can find many of these stunning images in the Photo Albums, it's a must see!!!

My staff and I strive everyday to push ourselves to maintain the Diamond Standard in Pet Care Service in the Trenton and Belleville area, while always trying to come up with new ideas to help make every fur babies stay with us only the very best experience possible for both pets and their people.


Pack dogs love to cuddle up and sleep together. Those dogs within my/your home will choose most likely to share bed space and nestle/cuddle up together. Dogs do this in order to gain warmth, comfort, companionship and protection. Now even when the dog is getting older, dogs or β€œsiblings” often love to sleep curled/cuddle up against each other for comfort and security. Humans sleep together, why wouldn't dogs sleep together? And that's exactly what Chris's Dog Hotel No Cages Luxury Pet Resort has been providing to each and every Fur-Baby in our care. Hence the very reason why we are a "No Cage" facility.


We Have Introduced a Certificate of Pass. 

After the initial Meet and Greet, we follow it up with a mandatory daysit assessment, this is to ensure that the dog/dogs get along very well with all the other furbabies, and whether they are trained, calm, well behaved, no excessive barking, no destructive chewing habits, and house trained. If your dog/dogs pass the Doggy Daycare Assessment, you will receive a Beautiful Congratulation Certificate of Pass. We will then take a photo of you and pet/pets holding the Certificate, shortly after, we will post that on Social Media.


Nature Is Your Dog's Natural Habitat. We promise to never switch to very hot plastic grass, nor will we ever cement our natural habitat to make things easier for us. That is our promise to you!

  • Chris's Dog Hotel No Cages Luxury Pet Resort is asking so as not to cause costly damage to materials, that ALL dogs nails be trimmed before coming, or that they've just been trimmed in the last couple of weeks before coming to our Luxury Pet Resort. Just like we require all up to date shots, including kennel cough, flea and tick year round from Vet only, we also require that your dog is groomed on an ongoing basis, (example) every 2 to 3 months, if you do more, that's great with us. 
  • Please help us by doing your part in helping us keep the Diamond Standard, and in keeping the Doggy Spa Lounge in tip-top shape. 
  • We thought of every aspect in the building/creation of the Doggy Spa Lounge, and believe me, we didn't miss a thing, but still we need your co-operation in making this space successful. 

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