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Professional dog Grooming in belleville

You already love and have come to expect the very best from Chris’s Dog Hotel No Cages in Belleville when leaving your fur babies for a day sit or boarding visit, now we are stepping up the level of service you can expect, yet again.

FuzzyButtz Grooming Edge;

  1. Our dedicated and highly trained groomer is a graduate of the animal care program at Sheridan College with over 9 years experience. 
  2. Our unique and specialized environment ensure your dog is never left alone.
  3. Our love for every dog guarantees we will always have your dog’s best interest at heart.

Benefits of Grooming Your Dog;

Regular grooming for your dog in Belleville is beneficial in many ways. It helps to bring out the natural oils in your dog's fur giving your dog a healthier coat. It allows us to check for any possible issues such as fleas, dust, ticks, dry patches, lumps and more. 

We can also prevent your pet from having painful, overgrown nails, which could lead to discomfort, bleeding or infection. Also trimming allows a close view of your dog’s feet letting us check for dry, cracked paw pads, swelling, tangled fur and more. 

When looking for a dog groomer in Belleville we are your number one choice!



We'll Change How You Feel About Grooming


Toy- $40+ Small- $48+ Medium- $55+ Large- $75+ Extra large- $85-$120


Toy- $35+ Small- $45+ Medium- $55+ Large- $70+ Extra large- $90-$120


Toy- $20+ Small- $35+ Medium- $45+ Large- $50+ Extra large- $60

Bath & Tidy:

Bath and a brush with tidying of the face, feet and sanitary area. 

Bath & Tidies have to be booked within 4 weeks of full groom.

All services are subject to a dematting fee between $5-$20. 

Prices are based on average breed sizes.

At FuzzyButtz Grooming we require 24-hour notice to cancel or to change appointment. No shows or failure to provide notice will be charged $15 and up fee.

Call and book today: 613-885-9702




Nail Trim- $5

Feet Trim- $5

Face Trim- $5

Sanitary Trim- $5